Friday, March 10, 2017

Another New Year is upon us. Oh, how time flies!

I just wanted to touch base and thank you all for your reader loyalty and for visiting my blog site. So many people from so many nations! Your interest in my books has been inspiring. I hope you enjoy them.

These have been exciting days as Pink Flamingo had undergone changes and upgrades. They are such wonderful people.

By the way, I wanted to mention, if you're into really deep BDSM action, you might check out Hardchange by Rane Haverton.

The book page address is:

or you can Google: Rane Haverton.

This is a book of another stripe, as you will see from the book page. If you prefer things consensual and a bit softer, Hardchange is probably not for you, but you can check it out. There's an author interview and a wonderful review by Lizbeth Dusseau.

The book's available at no charge so there's nothing to lose.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy New Year!

 Thank you all for visiting my blog and please forgive me for being so remiss in updating you on the availability of Beyond the Black Curtain and Trail Guard.

 A lot has happened and it has become easier to access the books.

 You can go to and search for Hayley White or either book by title.

 The books are also available at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other outlets in various formats.

Although my stories may not be as hardcore as other novels out there, I have had some wonderful feedback from readers who enjoyed something a bit different. Maybe you will too. If you enjoy these books, I hope you'll recommend them to friends and post comments or reviews here or at the site of your choice.

I appreciate your interest.

Stay warm and treat each other well.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

On Writing ~ Replies to 3 Questions

Here are my replies to three commonly asked questions:

I have been asked where my ideas come from. I imagine every writer is asked this question at some time.

Story ideas come from observations, daydreams, yearnings, aspirations and sometimes they come as mere suggestions from an unexpected source. Trail Guard is the result of just such a suggestion - a story that may never have come into being, had I not been asked to write it.

I have also been asked if I draw from my own life experiences.

The answer to that is Yes. I believe all writers draw from their own lives, sometimes quite deeply and directly. The thing of it is, story elements the reader may perceive as having come from the writer's personal experiences are often the very elements of the story the writer invented or drew from another source.

For instance, in a mystery, you may not take the author to be a murderer, but you may assume his personal history most closely resembles the attorney in the story - when, in fact, the author may identify more closely with the guy in the bar watching the breaking news on TV, or the bum who tried to cadge a buck off the attorney on his way up the courthouse steps. In short, the writer's personal experiences, attitudes or attributes may be linked to elements of the story the reader least suspects!

Most often, I think, there are elements of the writer scattered all over the story: traces of him in various situations, various characters and, of course, in the voice with which he speaks. After all, we are not usually writing about ourselves but people we've invented. Characters who must navigate the landscapes we create for them. In combination, our experiences, research and imaginations all help them along.

Hopefully, the writer loves his characters and will imbue each one with some aspect of him or herself or, at the very least, something he or she personally aspires to be. Creating is an experience in itself and our characters great companions from whom we learn quite a lot.

Of course, at some point every aspiring writer is told: Write what you know. It's a lovely sentiment but, as soon as someone says this, the first gut response is: But I don't know anything.

Well, that may be the bald faced truth, but the fact is, in one way or another, a writer will inevitably write what he or she knows. What you don't know, you'll find out and you'll write about that because that is what you do. You write.

And that, my dears, is the answer to Question Number One:

How does one become a writer?

You write.

Don't Write Up, write down.
Don't Write Off, write on,
and on, and on.

And don't give it up unless you find you're just not liking it - in which case, you're probably not a writer at all.

You see, a writer can't help but write.


The questions are stimulating to ponder and the answers complex, but it's all just part of the mystique of the artist. No one has all the answers as to why a person writes or paints or sings. It's just part of the miracle. Revel in it! This is Life, after all.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Hello from Hayley White

Greetings Readers!

     Exciting days.  Pink Flamingo Publications will be reissuing my books this year.

     For those of you who may have missed the first editions of these books, the titles are Trail Guard and Beyond the Black Curtain.

Trail Guard is a ponygirl story - probably like none you've ever read before.

     Meris is on an odyssey in search of meaning and purpose in her life when she arrives in the charming New England town of Cherish.  When she participates in a local spring rite, she unwittingly places herself in a position to be seized and pressed into service.  The result is as confounding as it is arduous for Meris who rebounds between the demands of a tyrannical trainer and her growing intrigue for the quiet man who chose her off the auction block.
     In the sexually charged atmosphere of the stables, Meris is surprised by the answers to the questions plaguing her and by the crucial decision she must make concerning her own future.

     Here you've got whips, bits, lunge reins, ring work and carriages.  An in depth pony experience in a beautiful pastoral New England setting.

Beyond the Black Curtain is a deep SM romance.

     Ever is invited to step out of her lonely, isolated life into a dedicated relationship with an attractive stranger who wants to dominate her - a relationship she has fantasized and even written about, but never really believed could exist.
     Nearly paralyzed by doubts, Ever takes the plunge, immersing herself in the most profound relationship of her life.

     This is a story right from the heart with a romantic yet realistic view of the subject matter.  Within the text you'll find bondage, beautiful whips, a ménage-a-trois and a peek at Ever's secret writings.

     I should know more about publication dates soon and will post the information when I get it.